Monday, February 18, 2013

this week


this week i have been sort of a hermit. if i wasn't down at the gym working out; which i was... like 90% of the time, then i was trapped in the library doing homework. seriously though i have been so busy.

tomorrow marks the return to school from a three day weekend; a three day weekend that i spent working got it...schoolwork. living at college makes three day weekends feel completely wasted. :/ puh.

this week also marks the beginning of my gluten and dairy free adventure. yay. :/ let me i have been having a lot of weight gain lately. no change in diet, huge increase in exercise. you would think my body would go the other way right? WRONG. 35 pounds heavier than i was three months ago, the doctors figured something might be wrong. so my blood-work is being done. in the meantime, Jenny (the trainer), thinks that i could have a gluten or lactose intolerance. so...almond milk and gluten free bread for me. (; maybe i can find some yummy recipes for gluten free brownies or something. wish me luck!

anyway that's it for this week. pretty lame and boring, but so goes the life of a studious college girl! 

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