Monday, February 18, 2013

No Poo

Alright readers,

I've been hearing a lot about this new craze of "No Poo!"- washing your hair with out using shampoo. I'm a little skeptical but I'm going to give it a shot!

I found a recipe that I think will work for me:

Mix 1 tbs of baking soda with 1 cup water in a spray bottle.
Mix 2 tbs of vinegar with 1 cup of water in a separate spray bottle.

Wash your hair with the baking soda solution by spraying your roots and scrubbing. Massage it into your scalp but don't put it all over your hair. Then condition your hair with the vinegar solution by applying it to the length of your hair, avoiding your roots and focusing on the ends. Rinse it all out and your good to go!

I've started this week, and I'll let you know how it goes in a few days!

this week


this week i have been sort of a hermit. if i wasn't down at the gym working out; which i was... like 90% of the time, then i was trapped in the library doing homework. seriously though i have been so busy.

tomorrow marks the return to school from a three day weekend; a three day weekend that i spent working got it...schoolwork. living at college makes three day weekends feel completely wasted. :/ puh.

this week also marks the beginning of my gluten and dairy free adventure. yay. :/ let me i have been having a lot of weight gain lately. no change in diet, huge increase in exercise. you would think my body would go the other way right? WRONG. 35 pounds heavier than i was three months ago, the doctors figured something might be wrong. so my blood-work is being done. in the meantime, Jenny (the trainer), thinks that i could have a gluten or lactose intolerance. so...almond milk and gluten free bread for me. (; maybe i can find some yummy recipes for gluten free brownies or something. wish me luck!

anyway that's it for this week. pretty lame and boring, but so goes the life of a studious college girl! 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

more to life

tonight i was sitting at a party with a group of friends. 

they were playing beer pong, and drinking wine, and the usual weekend events were occurring. and i just sat there and thought to myself..."why doesn't anyone realize there is so much more to life than this?" 

people are so much more than they give themselves credit for. :/ i just wish i could make them see it. i know that i have had a lot of self confidence problems in the past. i still have a lot of self confidence problems that i'm working on every day, but i've never been to the point where i thought that alcohol and drugs were the answer to my problems. 

let me tell you friends...they aren't. the answer that is. 

every single thing that our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, asks us to do, will only make us happier. sex, drugs, alcohol...all things that complicate our lives. education, sobriety, and charity...all things that simplify our lives and make us grateful for the things that we do have. 

stay sober kids, you won't regret it. 

the mormon girl