Wednesday, January 2, 2013



it's not just the place that you live.

and it's not just the people that live there. 

home is the place where the memories are.

the place that no matter how long you stay away, you will always be familiar with. 

the old train tracks where you used to play.

the rope swing by the river. 

the streets you got lost on.

the place you had your first car accident. 

the old running trails. 

the park you played games at.

the denny's you always ate at. 

the hart's where you sat and talked for hours with hot chocolate in hand.

the canyon where the waterfalls run, and where you ran. 

the bed where you slept in. 

the nook where you read. 

the room you told your secrets too. 

the people that may be distant now, but were once your whole world. 


not a place, but a memory. 

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