Sunday, November 18, 2012

new me

today is the day i start being the person i always wanted to be.

growing up is scary. when i moved out here to california to go to school i never imagined the struggles i would face, the choices i would have to make, or how much i relied on the all too familiar people and places of home. but i'm not scared anymore.

i'm open to the possibilities the world has to offer.

today i choose to be happy.

                                            today i choose to be real. 

                                                                                     today i choose to just be me. 

i'm just a blue eyed girl with stars in my eyes. if you want to follow me along this journey of self-discovery, i'd love to have you along. who knows, we may even learn something from each other? and i sure would love to do that, because you, yes you my dear reader, have so much to offer this world,

                                   just because you, 
are you. 

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